A few days ago one of our ESX host servers went down and had to be powered back up. This particular ESX host was running a couple of my post office servers with NFS mounts to our SAN. Since then a couple of people were getting mailbox unavailable messages when logging on. A reboot of the POA vm fixed it for a couple of users but I still have one being stubborn. Anytime I try to run maintenance on the userxxx.db I get

- Attempting to correct structural problem in database
- Beginning rebuild for database userqz3.db
Error 26- DbRebuild error IO_FILE_LOCK_ERR (0x820E)

I know this is due to a file lock but rebooting the POA didn't fix the lock for this user. How do I clear the lock on this user's db? The server is a VM running SLES10 SP3 GW8.0.2 HP3. No edir is installed and I'm not using NSS volumes. A lsof command shows it is the POA that has the file locked but but I have no idea how to clear it. Any ideas or advice is hugely appreciated.