I know it has been asked many times (I have been googling like crazy) but I can not get multi-context to work on my netstorage server.

If I specify the full context, the user logs in fine, also if I use the admin user which is in the first/default context, it logs in fine (with no context).

I found one TID (old, 2003) that said the LDAP server(s) need to allow plain text login, my ldap servers did not so I fixed that in c1 but still no luck.

I also found this: How to trace LDAP operations to the screen or log file

and have been watching ndstrace as I login to netstorage, regardless of the port I specify in iManager, it always uses TLS, and an anonymous bind.

Any ideas?

Server is SLES SP4 and OES2 SP3 running virtualized in KVM
the rest of the eDir servers are NW65