1) Can I use the Windows 2000 VPN client with BM VPN server? The
documentation eludes to no, but I don't know that it comes right out and
states that the Brdmgr VPN client is required.

2) Also, when we establish a VPN session using the Brdmgr VPN client, local
network DNS settings to do not change. The client maintains the
automatically assign ISP DNS settings and cannot resolve internal names. It
tries to use ISP DNS servers for resolution (successfully so) but does not
try to use local DNS servers.

I saw some articles on the second issue that made it sound like this is a
known issue and it has been submitted to development. But the article was
from 2002. Does anyone know if this is resolved yet?

FYI - We have BM3.7sp2 using BM VPN client 3.7.0