I've fairly recently have come to own a MacBook Air and having never been a Mac guy have fought trying to support Apple systems in any way shape or form on my network. Now that I have one, I am interested in getting certain systems supported simply so that I can realistically use the Mac as my personal system, and to silently allow support for Mac systems for staff members that have them at home.

I'm trying to get iPrint working with a Canon copier. It took me a bit but I figured out how to upload the driver, I could successfully use iPrint to download the printer, but when I print, I receive a message on my screen and a page prints saying "error courred = -9786" I have also tried setting up and printing to HP printers but have also failed to print, but I'm not sure if it was for the same error.

Since I'm new to Macs, I have no clue where to look to start troubleshooting this issue. Any direction would be appreciated. Thanks!