I'm trying to use the vpn client with IPX. I know that WinNT/2000/etc.
does not support this, so I use Win98.

IPX is enabled on our Master VPN server and does work with S2S-Slaves.
Also the internal IPX network address for VPN clients is configured.

At the client, IP and IPX protocol is configured and bound to the VPN

When the VPN connects, the IP connection is ok (I can connect to our
internal servers by IP; not by name as I have not deployed any SLPDAs
yet), but no single IPX packet is transmitted.

Looking at the clients status with Novell Remote Manager, the connection
state for IP is "Established", for IPX is "Unattached".

While it's not explained, I've also defined a traffic rule for IPX, but
no success.

Is there something else to take into concern?

I don't think it's important but: this Win98 machine is running inside
vmware on an WinXP notebook. But for my understanding tis should not
make any difference as the network connection is bridged and the WinXP
should not modify the packets...

Thanks in advance,