I am trying to set up a new laptop for a customer, to log in to their BM3.6
(Sp 2A) server (running NW6 SP5). The laptop is running WinXP Pro SP2 with
the firewall off and has NW Client 4.91 and the latest BM client. It always
connects and can PING the server on the private IP of However,
it can never log in and run the login script and has the message "The
NetWare login attempt failed - The user is not logged in to NetWare". I have
also added a line in the host file with the server name and IP and tried the
name, but still no success. However, I have a Win2000 PC with the same NW
client and same BM client and it always works perfectly well. I have
compared everything in the NW client settings and they are identical. I
don't even have an entry for the server in the Host file on the Win2000 PC.
The problem obviously must be at the client end as the server is allowing
the Win2000 PC to log in to NW. I have uninistalled and reinstalled
everything, including cleaning with VPNREGCLEAN and also trying NW client
4.90SP2. Always exactly the same problem. When both the XP and 2000 PCs are
logged in to the VPN (keeping in mind that the 2000 PC also logs in to
NetWare), the VPN statistics for both PCs are indentical, except for local
IP address (which is only on a local private IP).

Any ideas?