We have two primary servers that we will call 101 and 102. Both have virtual ntfs disk maps for the content-repo directories(link). Our 102 primary server somehow lost all data on the drive that was connected to our SAN so now we have an empty directory.

We have tried multiple ways of trying to force the data to resync such as excluding content sync and re-including, but non seem to force the content data to resync.

If I create a new bundle on 101, it replicates to 102 as expected and the files/filenames match on both sides. The problem is that all existing bundles somehow think they already exist on the server so it is not replicating probably because of the database entried.

I assume we cannot simply copy C:\Program Files (x86)\Novell\zenworks\work\content-repo from 101 over to the same directory on 102?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.