I have a new server intended for SLES/OES, and want to use NSS.
Currently, the server has (4) 350GB drives.

I'm trying to work out the best configuration for the disk drives, which
of course need to be RAIDed for data reliability (i.e. so that a drive
failure would mean just replacing the drive & letting the array rebuild.)

Any recommendations? I can add as many as 4 more drives to this server
if it makes sense. Everything I've read says that NSS must be put on a
physically separate array ... so would it make sense to use smaller
drives for my SLES/OES install, and use 3 or 4 of the existing drives in
a separate array? If so, what's a good safe size for the SLES/OES
install (lots of breathing room), and what level of RAID would give me
best results? And what's my best bet for RAID on the NSS volume(s)?

Thanks for any input.

-- DE