If this is already common knowledge, I apologize in advance. I just
wanted to share what I have found to be the source of most of my "sudden
synchronization failures" with individual devices, and how I fix it.

For some background, our current system setup is:
- Data Synchronizer v343, running on SLES 11.3
- GroupWise 8.02HP2, running on NetWare 6.5sp8
- phones: mix of HTC Incredible 1 & 2, and Motorola Droid 2 & 3

When I have a device that suddenly stops syncing, I immediately check to
see if the user has moved any of the "top level" folders in their
GroupWise client (Mailbox, Calendar, Sent Items, Cabinet, etc.). From
my experience, most of our spontaneous syncing issues are the result of
the user moving (often accidentally) one of these folders somewhere it
doesn't belong.

After I fix the issue (move the Calendar out of the Junk Mail, or the
Mailbox out of the Cabinet, etc.), the sync issue often goes away. I
usually go ahead and delete the device from the mobility monitor and
re-init the user anyway, just to be safe. Not sure it's needed, though.

The Data Synchronizer seems to be dependent on the position of these
folders not changing. Once a folder is moved, it either needs to be
moved back, or the whole Data Synchronizer account for that user
basically needs rebuilt to establish the new folder 'mapping' for Data
Synchronizer to access. At least that is my off the cuff analysis of
what appears to be happening.

Wish I could lock down the position of these basic user folders, as it
would eliminate many of my sync troubleshooting, but such is life.

Just an FYI. Hopefully it is of some use for a few of you.