I have an OES2SP3 (SLESsp4) server - updated to August 2011 Maintenance
pack - which is virtualised under VMware ESXi 5 (was VMware ESX 4 and
experienced the same performance issues).

I back this server up to a physical Windows 2003r2 (sp2) server using
Commvault Simpana 8 (sp6).

Backups have always been slow but tolerable when the server was at
OES2SP2, however when we patched up to OES2SP3 w/ SLESsp4 performance
decreased noticably - down to between 13-15GB/Hour vs approx.

TSATest shows 1,880MB/min with cachingmode on, and 1,326MB/min with it
off - there wasn't much difference when using the backup.

I opened an incident with Novell, Novell bounced me to Commvault,
Commvault had me transfer a large file via WinSCP off my server to the
backup server and I'd get around 4.5KByte/second illustrating that the
issue probably isn't so much their software as opposed to some
networking issue.

I tried transfering the same file to my computer (Windows 7) via WinSCP
and get around 14-15KByte/second.

I tried transfering to a physical Windows 2008R2 server and got similar
performance as my Windows 2003R2 server.

The transfers don't change in performance regardless of transfering the
file off NSS or off the local ReiserFS on my OES2SP3 server.

I've transferred the files multiple times on each machine to eliminate
potential caching differences, all four machines (my Windows 7
computer, the Windows 2003R2 server, the Windows 2008r2 server and the
OES2SP3 server are all hanging off the same switch).

To boot, my backup server backs up files off a Windows 2003 guest at a
rate of 126GB/hour.

Speed and Duplex settings on the servers and switches are at auto/auto
and at each device show gigabit/full duplex.

I went to the extent of looking at the
HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Param ters on my computer
and replicating those settings on the Windows 2008R2 server to see if
they helped - which they didn't make a significant difference.

A packet trace hasn't really given me much in the way of clues, but
unless it's painfully obvious I wouldn't pick it.

Any suggestions?