Starting a new install on SLES 11 sp1 server of GW Mobility version 1.2 (.579). When I get to LDAP server settings screen, I keep getting the error: "User credentials failed to validate" when attempting to authenticate as Admin. LDAP appears to be fine on target eDirectory server as I have tested that with an LDAP browser from an XP workstation and all objects appear. From a Windows server I can login, of course, to eDirectory directly with the "Admin" account and password that I am trying to use here. Groupwise is at 8.02 HP3, by the way. SLES server can ping the Groupwise eDirectory server that I am trying to authenticate to. Am using following login Dn:

cn=Admin,o=PSD (same case as found in eDirectory)

Probably a simple problem but I am a bit stumped. Any help appreciated. Thanks.