We are running Novell oes2 Servers spread over 3 main sites.

We have tried various versions of the client from IR4 to IR9a? we are having problems with office files over our WAN. With windows 7 the big problem is that not all the time but quite often, when you open a file over the WAN you get a message saying the file is locked, and it's nearly always by yourself if you say notify when it's free, you have a 15 to 20 second pause and it will then reopen and allow you to write to the file. The sites are connected via a 20M a 10M and a 6M link. The lines can be 95% idle and you still get this problem it doesn't appear to be at all related to the bandwidth in use on the network.

On one of our sites it happens quite often locally, on the other two sites, only when accessing files over the WAN.

I opened a SR for this on the 2nd of November and put an update on it on the 14th of November asking for an update... So far no-one at Novell has added anything to this SR. I know we pay our 20% or whatever it is per year for updates etc... so how long should I expect before someone replies?