We are having an Issue/Annoyance with Zenworks Printer policies and mapping SMB Printers. We are currently on Version 10.3.4 but it has always been the same for older versions as well. On Windows XP/Vista/7 whenever a printer is mapped it pops up a Window saying (Example: "Connecting to HP4000_Room1 on SEKDPS"). This wasn't too bad originally because we had printers mapping to a folder for each specific room, so only a printer or two would pop up quick and go away. Recently we needed to make a change so that students could have access to other printers all over the building. Now when a student logs in for the first time on some computers they spend up to 10 minutes with constant pop ups that the printers are connecting. Is there anything we can do to make this window silent, hidden or at least minimized. I know I can move these policies back to a login script/Group Policy preference and they will connect silently but would rather assign these via Zenworks especially since they are all already configured for defaults and etc.