I recently set up a VPN from my home (to my office) using sonic wall
TZ170's on both ends. This is for accasional use, nothing heavy duty.

I am able to ping the server at my office from home and can log into the
various w2k machines at my office from home.

What is the next step for remotely logging into my office netware 5.0
(nsbs) server. I have the novell client installed (4.90 sp1) on a w2k
machine here at home for use with my home server. What advance
preparation is necessary and what is the procedure for logging into the
remote server at my office?

Could you outline a basic setup and procedure or tell me what
publication might provide complete info. I do not have Border Manager
and am not sure if this is an absolute necessity for a simple setup.

I am still learning, but have a reasonably good understanding of the
network and netware. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.