I have a fresh SLES11.1 set aside for the installation of the DS 1.2 system. I have done a regular install and ensured no existing web services are started. Following these steps:

Novell Documentation

I am good down to step 7. Once I accept I get dropped back to the ADD-On Products page with nothing populated and I never see the option shown in #8. My SLES can see the LDAP server, I have tried with and without firewall and such. Finally I downloaded the DS iso directly to the /root directory and tried the install from there... I just do not see the option for PRIMARY FUNCTIONS.

There are no DS icons in YAST2. If I directly call the "yast (or yast2) datasync" I have nothing as well. I am lost as to how to figure out what is happening here.... This is the first install of DS and as such I don't have a good grasp on what to look to to debug the issue.... Any advice??