Got an HTC Rezound. Yes I know it's heavier than the Droid Razr, I
actually like that. The screen is fantastic 720p, it records 1080p,
blah blah specs, blah blah features, etc.

I upgraded from a palm pre+. The new phone is certainly faster, and has
more features, and it's almost 3 steps backwards in usability. Little
things such as the simplicity to delete a text or e-mail with the flick
of a finger vs having to click a bunch of check boxes and hit delete, or
hold down your finger on a message until the delete menu pops up.

Notifications suck compared to the pre. The droid soft keyboard sucks
compared to the pre. You want any punctuation? To do a ? I either
have to hold down the k for a second and let it go to get it's alt key,
or I have to switch to the 12# key layout and switch back. There's no
one tap option key to get the option value.

I haven't looked at keyboard mods yet or notification mods, but out of
the box user experience in that regard is very disappointing from a
usability perspective. It takes way longer to sms and e-mail on this
phone than it does on my Pre+. The other android phones I've seen
appear to be the same. Sure I could voice dictate it but that sort of
undoes the ability to discreet message such as when I'm sitting in a
waiting room or such. If I'm going to voice dictate an SMS, I might as
well just call the person.