Hello Together,
i still fighting with multiple traffic rules on bm 3.8. This is a really sad storry. I dont know how long this issue is not solved. Last time i post to this problem was 19.3.2005.
Currently i am in the situation to give a answer to some of our customers, they now need to know when we can proceed with the c2s vpn implementation.
I tried to move this decission again and again to the future... but now i can't do any longer.
The good thing... i have read a new tid which exactly describes my problem....TID10098106
tha bad: I can not set traffic rules to all users (for security reasons, we have different subnets at different locations), and i can not find this beta patch.

Question: Is there a way to get a pre version of this authgw.nlm ?

BTW: Server and BM has the latest official patch level and versions.

Thank you