Sorry I am following a TID7003840 to fix Windows 7 profile.

Tried Fix 1 which didn't work so onto Fix 2 but under my network address attribute I can only see one entry - 10D440A0A0A36. Not sure what's the shortest value to delete..........? or was I suppose to see multiple enteries......

Can someone please advise or shall I move to Fix3.

Fix 2:
1. Open up ConsoleOne
2. Browse to the Print Manager displaying the error.
3. Right Click on the Print Manager object and select Properties-->Other Tab
4. Expand the Network Address attribute.
5. Select the shortest value on the left and click delete on the right.

Printer driver profile should now create properly.
Note: When the manager is reloaded, the attribute will be repopulated and may need to be deleted again in order to create printer driver profiles.

NetWare SP8b-2 and iPrint 5.64.