I have been trying to follow the instructions from the manual on setting
up a VPN on BM3.8SP3 but it looks to me like a "you can't get there from
here". I can't create a VPN because I don't have a master or client
service defined, and I can't define a client or master service because I
don't have a VPN set up.

I used to think I was pretty bright until I started working on this.
Holy cow! What happened to the simplicity of the legacy setup? Hat
happened to the idea of enter all the required information here and have
the setup occur?

Can somebody point me to something like "Setting up a VPN in Netware
using iManager for complete dummies"? <g> Seriously -- can somebody tell
me what the sequence is to do this? I was just going down through the
manual, I created certificates, TROs, TRCs and all that stuff, then went
on to the next step of creating the VPN.

That's where I run into the problems. With site to site master creation,
from iMAnager I check the box, click create button, add info and get
this message:

"The VPN Server was not added.
"Unable to add attributes to selected server. May be that the schema is
not extended or the user has insufficient rights to configure."

I'm logged in as Admin.

If I check client to site and click details, I am asked to specify
service which hasn't been created yet. If Ieave it blank so that the
default service will be created, I get a message saying the VPN was
"Partially created" but no VPN services or objects are made, and the VPN
server list remains blank.

Sigh. Any help from anybody would be most appreciated.

Ken McLeod
The Delphian School