We just upgraded from ZCM 10.3.3 to ZCM 11.1a. The upgrade itself went fairly smoothly (on the server end), but there have been problems in the aftermath.

One of those problems is that many (possibly all) of the non-super-administrator ZENworks-administrator accounts no longer have the access which they are supposed to have. The correct access is listed in the accounts under Configuration -> Administrators, but they don't actually get that access.

I've tried various things to restore the access: changing the assigned rights and then changing back, deleting the account and re-creating with the correct access, removing the administrator role which normally assigns the rights and then assigning those rights by hand, even assigning *full* rights (in the relevant category) by hand in the same way. None of it has produced any visible effect.

These ZENworks administrator accounts are based on accounts from an Active Directory user source. If I create a *new* administrator from that same source, based on a user which has never had a ZCM-administrator equivalent before, and assign it the same access as the existing administrators, that new administrator gets that access just fine.

Any idea what the problem might be here, and/or of how I can fix things so that those administrators get their access again? (I can go as far as deleting and recreating all of the administrators if necessary, but I'd rather not do that more than once.)