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Thread: Sync after rcdatasync restart, then fails to update

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    Sync after rcdatasync restart, then fails to update

    GW 802hp3 Windows POA 589 with patch 1

    I have only 4 users. After restarting the DS with rcdatasync restart the devices can update initially but then no additonal changes appear. Something seems to be locking up somewhere, but I cant tell where. show 162 events in the grid, but if I drill into the user and check show events and submit there are two.

    Any new items received in the inbox of the GroupWise client do not transfer to the iPad, but DO show up as additional events.

    Sending an item to myself from the iPad works, shows up in the GroupWise client, but does not appear on the iPad. Do another rcdatasync restart and everything appears again.

    I've done the gwcheck index and then content fix for the entire po and again just the user. No help.

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