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Thread: Multiple clients share same GUID and only one is visible

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    Exclamation Multiple clients share same GUID and only one is visible


    first i have to excuse my bad english. - I try to describe our problem best as i can.

    We have one ZCM 11.1 primary server (linux) and about 200 clients (mostly with Windows XP) with newest ZCM agent installed.
    Since update from ZCM 11 to ZCM 11.1 we got the massive problem, that some of our XP clients (~20 or more) register with the same GUID, and only one client is visible at a time in ZCM web management.
    So one time pc-AAA is visible, some minutes later it is gone and PC-BBB is visible instead, then when another affected workstation do a zcm agent refresh this workstation is visible and all others are gone.

    We still use Norton Ghost for workstation imaging. - After the imaging process we activate the workstations with the correct XP serial and do a newsid run... So all clients have a different name, a different IP-address, a different SID and a different windows xp serial. - And they still register all with the same ZCM GUID all the time (i think because ZCM agent was installed in the master image).

    Since the problem occured first time we try everything to solve it, but nothing helped.

    Here are the things we tried already:

    - zac fsg -d / zac cc / zac ref / zac unr and so on (and a new registration at ZCM server)
    - disable "serial number" for device reconcelation at the ZCM server
    - complete uninstall of the agent, registry clean and so on...
    - contact novell technicial support months ago, but no solution provided yet

    The problem is, that so much clients are involved in this.

    So an example:
    At a time workstation A is registered with GUID 12345, and i do a "zac unr" on the workstation "B", this removes not workstation "B" but workstation "A".
    At this time it can happen that workstation "C" does an agent refresh and register with GUID 12345, so workstation "C" is the only one visible. When i do a new zac fsg -d and a nes "zac reg" on any of the affected workstation all other affected workstations are not visible at the server anymore. - All affected workstation-agents think that they are correct registered, but they throw each other out of the ZCM server. - The main problem is, that so many clients are affected and i dont know every machine affected.
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