During Tests with ZCM 11.1 we found that ZCM server only tries to test a device (ZCC: Devices - Workstations - Device - Test Device) using the IP Address detected by the agent during registration, not the DNS name of the device:

ZENworks Agent Status:
[The connection request failed for the following: 10.xxx.xxx.xxx]
Unable to connect to the agent service through the IP Address or DNS.

Some of the devices managed by ZCM in our network are behind a separate firewall using private IP addresses. This firewall is configured for static NAT, the device public address is from a registerd area, 1 to 1 NAT, for example private 10.x.x.x address is NATed to 140.x.x.x. So we hacked a smal app registering the device at our DNS servers with the public address (140.x.x.x).
the reason for this trick is to be able to easily remote control the device via ZCC.
If I ping the Device from the ZCM server DNS resolution delivers the public address (140.x.x.x) and device is responding.
If I telnet the device at port 7628 from the ZCM server (telnet devicename 7628) a connection to the device is successfull.
If I Test the device from ZCC (Devices - Workstations - Device - Test Device) the above message is returned, no DNS is used ...
If I try to remote control the device via ZCC with defaults it is working.

Question: Is this a feature, a bug or did I miss some configuration options to make DNS working in this case?

Werner Seifert
Johannes Kepler University Linz/Austria