NM6SP5, BM38SP3IR1, EDIR 8.7.3

VPN client installed from BM3.8SP3 overlay CD.

When logging in with "Backward compatibility" I get the message"

"Authentication gateway failed to verify entered parameters. Format
error reported by authentication gateway."

Switching to NMAS authentication without LDAP and using NDS method, I
get the message "Failed receiving server DN public value"

Checking LDAP and attempting an LDAP login, I get "Failed NMAS
authentication. NMAS Error FFFFF996."

Having applied countless TIDs with this, that and the next fix, I really
don't know where to go. I'm thinking that my NMAS install is inherently
flawed somehow. I dowloaded EDIR 8734 update to get the NMAS updates off
that to install, but that install wants some security and login method
patches installed. The security pathces require (according to the
readme) NICI 2.6.5 but the latest I can find at the NOvell download is
beta 2.6.4.

I have made sure that the default C2S config has authentication and
traffic rules that allow any methods ...

Anyway, any suggestions on this would be most welcome.

Ken McLeod
The Delphain School