We still face some problems with C2S on BM38 SP3 & IR_2 on NW6.5 Sp3:

Some users are complaining that they cannot get their Notebooks
attached to the VPN. When I look into the Revision Protocol, I see the
"NWPKIGetTrustedRootInfo fff..feb8 and -328, and also
(IKE) "Proposal Mismatch...Quick Mode ESP" Errors.

I am not sure, whether this happens especially to users using NAT,
because it is working most times for me using dilaup connections, but
never worked for me with NAT (behin my own Router/BM3.8)

Also, starting VPN Client 2 or more times consecutively, the
registration / logon also get stuck..

Is this more a NMAS related issue (and then will it be fixed in eDir
8737 / SP4) or VPN code itself (BM3.8 beta4?). If NMAS, the servers
holding the master of root need to be updated as well (running NW 6,
using eDir8737 beta??)

Thanks for clarification on this...

Jürgen Blessing