Hi ,

Running BM 3.7 sp3 on a NW 5.1 sp7 server.

Has VPN C2S running on it.

The service works fine most of the time for most users but occasionally
users are finding that the VPN connection comes up but the IP connectivity
does not work.
On checking the bordermanager view in NWadmin you can see them connected
but they tend to have 'unknown type .... ' encryption, authentication and
key mgt types.
Reseting their PC's or the Bordermgr Server does not fix the problem BUT
resetting their wireless router does or even connecting onto the wireless
router and releasing and renewing its ip address from the ISP on the
internet fixes the issue (even if the same address is given).
Even though this provides a soln unfortunately some of our users are not
in a position to reset the wireless router at the remote LAN that easily,
can anyone think of something on the BM side that would provide the same
clear out , I have been looking at ip , arp routing tables etc and getting

An example of one our users is :-

Home PC ip addr
wireless router
External ip addr of cable modem 82.1.xxx.194 (static)
BM int net addr 195.9..xxx.15
VPN tunnell addr 195.9.yyy.1
BM External ip addr 212.135.xx.99

On normal operation the addr shows in NWadmin connected ok
but when ip is down you still see the ip addr but ip is down and unkown on
the types mentioned above. Even though it is a static ip addr on the modem
the wireless router releases and renews to get the same addr and then it
starts working again.

Many thanks for any help ,