Good day, I just restarted my OES2SP3 server and for some strange reason, I say strange now had other comments yesterday, my DHCP server that has been running for over a month without any issues is now reporting the following,"no dhcp service is associated with the server dn cn=my dhcp server,ou=location of the server", yet when I check both the JAVA console and iManager they both show the service is indeed pointed at the DHCP server, and that the service is associated. Do I need to reconfigure this again? I find that this is quite disturbing since I can no longer return to the NetWare DHCP server since I do not have the same options available (Option 15 is the biggest one) and it seems that I am going to bforced to start again. Any thoughts as to how to troubleshoot would be helpful, or if there would have been any reason for this to break