OES2sp3 - 32bit PDC - Updated. Previous update about 9 month ago
OES2sp3 - 64bit BDC - Not updated. Last update about 6 months ago

After updating my PDC not all objects show up in MMC. If I force an attachment to my BDC they all show up. The missing objects seem random. Some user OUs and some DSfW specific OUs. The "ForeignSecurityPrinciplals" is one. Also, not all of my group policies show up if attaching to the PDC.

If I right click on the domain and select "Operations Masters" both the RID and Infrastructure tabs show error. The PDC tab is fine.

I went through and did the Verify a DSfW Install and everything comes back fine. I also did not see anything problems in the ZMD or message log files

All my servers are running on VMware ESXI 4 so I was able to revert it back to the pre-update state. Now everything is working fine.

Any Ideas?