Hi all,

Ok, I have applied I din't know how many TIDs on this issue, but, for
some reason, the VPN client will not connect.

On the server side, we're talking NW6SP5, BM39SP3_IR2. On the client
side, XP Pro, Client 4.91, VPN client 3.8.9 connecting using NMAS, NDS
sequence as recommended in one of the many TIDs. <g>

Message is:

"Failed receiving server DH public value. Authorization failed. Contact
system administrator to configure an authetication policy to allow VPN

Ok. Afaik, I have already done this. I can't find any "authorization
policy" objects, so I assume this is set in the C2S config. I have S2S
and default C2S configured. I have rules allowing all on any port or
protocol. Authentication rules NMAS or Certificate (also tried with only
NMAS) for anyone.

Anyone have any idea how to make this work?