Hey everyone,

My job is to create bundles for software upgrades, patches and what not. In our workplace, we are forced to have 2 separates ZCM zones, one is for testing purposes and the other one is the "real" (prod) one. I usually create bundles in the "prod" zone, then copy them to the "test" zone to get approval. We've been running this system for a few months already and so far it's been working pretty good.

However our main annoyance is when we want to copy (or replicate) bundles from one zone to the other... In the ZDM7 days, I would simply use the tool "Zenith" to copy App objects between zones, and it was fairly efficient and quick. But now all we are left with is a complex method involving logging on the actual ZCM server, running an export command in a DOS prompt, copy the XML file the other server, then logging on that other server, and finally run the import command. Plus not all the info is there - you lose the application Icon, folder name, admin notes so you have to redo them and bump the version number. If you do this once a week, no SO bad, but when you have to copy several bundles in a row it can really grow tiresome and the risk of error is pretty big. This is even worse when you want to make changes in a bundle afterwards: you either have to make the changes by hand on both sides (high risk of error) or delete the object from one zone and redo the whole procedure all over again.

I feel It's a very complex, lenghty procedure and while it not IMPOSSIBLE to do, I'm pretty sure Novell should give us a tool that would allow us to replicate object in a much easier fashion. Take for example the Zenwork Migration Utility they did for converting ZDM7 app object into ZCM bundles: why couldn't they to exactly the same thing but for ZCM to ZCM? This tool would allow us to connect between 2 ZCM zones, and then let us select one or many bundles and launch a copy from one side to the other. It could also simply let us update a bundle when changes are made in one zone.

Are we the only ones using a multi-zone setup? If not, what are the others doing when it comes to replicating the bundles from one side to the other? Thanks in advance for any insight.