Running nw65sp8 w/ the latest post sp8 patches. Server being backed up
via a patched backupexec 2010 R3 64 bit server. Backup server is
physical, but target servers are virtual (VMWare). I've tried
different versions of VMWare tools which haven't helped, and the backup
agent for Netware has not changed in a long time.

Backups had been running great for what seemed like years. Now we have
an issue pretty much every night where my nw65sp8 server has
'communication errors' during the backup & the backup just stops there,
fails for that server, then moves to the next one in line.

I have other nw65sp8 servers that get backed up via backupexec w/o a
problem. Only difference in target servers is the 'problem' one has
almost 400GB of data that gets backed up.

So, I'm wondering if I need to maybe change some tsafs (v6.53-3)
performance settings or something. Currently they are:

/CachingMode is on

Any suggestions?