In my deployment of Windows 7 in my organization, I'm currently mostly have deployed Client 2 SP1 IR7 with a few IR9a as I'm testing to see whether it fixes the issue that I'm about to describe.

As I said Client 2 SP1 IR7 for Windows 7 seems to be doing the following things quite frequently. When a user signs in the login process goes smoothly and appears to sign you in correctly, but no drive mappings appear under Computer or Explorer. I have been able to use UNC paths and all of the correct folder rights and access are in place. After seeing the lack of drives I can successfully right click the red N, log in again and I'll see drive letters. I can then restart the system a number of times and I will see drive mappings on the initial login for random testings over the next half hour. When the user tries to log in again on the next day, they will once again have the successful login script run but again see no network drives.

I do understand that in running IR7 I may be experiencing some issues that might have been corrected by IR9a but have had a heck of a time trying to plan some time test this on systems that I know regularly experience this trouble. Does anyone know if this is an ongoing issue with the Novell Client for Windows 7 or this has a good chance of being fixed by upgrading to the newer IR release? Thanks!