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Thread: "Access Forbidden" for Home Directories

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    "Access Forbidden" for Home Directories

    I have an OES2 linux web server that I can't get the user directory feature to work on. I keep getting error 403 "Access Forbidden". I have two NSS volumes on the server. One is /media/nss/WEBDIRS and the other is /media/nss/HDIRS. HDIRS is where our staff members have their home directories setup. The wwwrun user has the same trustee rights on WEBDIRS and HDIRS.

    Here's the mod_userdir.conf settings that I made changes to.
    UserDir disabled
    UserDir enabled wwwrun
    UserDir "/media/nss/HDIRS"
    <Directory "/media/nss/HDIRS">

    What am I missing here?

    My boss had this setup and working before on a Netware box just fine. Since we have moved to OES, she was never able to get the home directories working like in the past. I've inherited the server responsibilities now so it's now on me to figure it out and I'm still pretty green on OES stuff.
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