Hi there,

We have stability issues, and would like to know if anyone had this problem before, did not see any TIDs on the subject.

We have a SLES 10 SP4 + OES2 SP3, 64 bits, DSFW installation.
The "ndsd" process takes regularly 100% cpu, and shows a "[XAD] Failed to initialize global DS schema cache" message in "/var/log/messages".

"ndsrepair -U" gives a :
"ERROR: Parent object with class: "Could not read Name" is not a valid container
Repairing objects - done(954)"

"O=BEAUDREY" is a partition.
The object has the following classes :
Organization, ndsLoginProperties, ndsContainerLoginProperties, Top, Partition, domainDNS, xadFlags

We did applied all latests patches, ran dsrepair, ran schema update tool.
Giving the ndsrepair message, it seems to be a schema problem.

Any clues ?
We might open a SR.