Hello i am a 18 year old who is graduating from Highschool soon.

i have a few questions about Novell as i like how it works as i have had experiance with it in school. I was wondering if this program would be able to run in a Browser or Data Base. For example, a group of people and I will be making a League for gaming. As you make think this is adolecent it doesn't make a difference to me. Anyways We are making a gaming league but i use MySQL to host my data and website. We are working on programming our own Anti-Cheat, but is there a way we can incorporate Novell Login with our Anti-Cheat login. So that it may run on a safe network?

Also is there a way that we can have your login for our website. Or does the purchase of your product not support what we are asking. I am a little confused about Novell. Is Novell just a network? or do i have to possibility to make it a secure login for me website and my Anti-Cheat. We have not gotten a license for the Anti-Cheat yet, so we cannot have any beta testers of it.

I would greatly appreciate if someone was to aid me in this matter.
Thank You,
Jaber Masoud