I knew how to do this under ZFD 7.1. I can't figure it out under ZCM 11.1.

In our environment, we are pushing out a Java update. Currently, I have it set up like the following:

Actions>Install: 1) Copy files from Netware Server to Local PC (copies java executable and a custom .bat file to C:\temp\java). 2) Run Script, execute custom .bat file to uninstall old versions and install newest version.
The Install Frequency is set to "Install Always"
Distribution Schedule is on Device Refresh
There is no Installation Schedule

I would like to make it so that ZCM installs this bundle one time to the local PC, but lets me double-click on the item in ZAW and re-install any time I want. If I set the Install Frequency to "Once per Device", it never executes on the double-click until I increment the Bundle Version.

I know I could set the Show Progress to "No" and just let it run in the background, but that isn't ideal.

I want to be able to update this bundle whenever Java updates, and increment the Bundle Version, and have it automatically push out. And, like I said, I want it available for a Manual Launch whenever I want.