OK, I'm tearing my hair out now (thus the odd subject).

I'm trying yet again to install OES2 SP3 to SLES 10 SP4. I decided, due
to a wealth of issues getting NSS and other features to work in my prior
install, to scrap the test server and re-install from scratch. Blew
away the server install and removed all related entries from the
existing edir tree.

Now when I try to install/configure OES (no problem with the SLES part
of the install) it gets to the edirectory installation, and fails, after
which almost everything else fails of course.

The log shows that the edirectory installation seems to succeed, except
for an early line about not being able to check duplicate context. But
then at the end, it says

Configuring HTTP service
Failed to configure HTTP service
Entry already exists err=-606

and my only option is to abort the edir installation, which means that
my whole OES installation fails.

I have already researched this error, and all I find is one resolution
where the poster had re-installed a server, and hadn't removed all of
the entries from the tree. But I have done a "find" with ConsoleOne,
and there are no more entries referring to the first server I configured.

In addition, I've tried changing both the server name and IP address
when installing, so it won't look like the same server to edir ... but
it still fails the same way.

I'm stumped; I don't have any idea where to look or what to do now to
resolve this error. I would've thought that if nothing else, a
different server name & address would avoid any "entry already exists"
-- and, in fact, it does add the server before it fails as above -- but
now I seem stuck with this error which is blocking any further
configuration, no matter how I name the server etc.

I need help, before I render myself bald!


-- DE
(being just a scoche over-dramatic)