I have a lot of problems with my Satellite servers. And I was
wondering if any of you out there have the same issues.

It seems the Content Worker Thread is crashing randomly. And content
that is already on the machine is missing. Most people don't see this
error, as the clients are using the CSR to get to the backend servers.
Only problem is, that on thin lines, traffic suddenly goes through the
roof. I seem to recall this from 10.x back in the days.

Im using SLES 11.1 64 bit servers for the satllites, and they are
doing nothing else.

But when I check the content with ZAC CVC, it either hangs, and needs
to reboot, or it claims that 5-10% of the content is missing and needs
to be replicated again.

And we are only replicating content at night, and only for 3 hours.

SO - how many of you can make a ZAC CVC from the command line on a
SLES Satellite server that has been running for more than 2 weeks, and
NOT get either missing content or a hanging worker thread?