Hi folks.

This may not really be the correct forum.
My post concerns deleting computer objects rather than bundles, but I think the issue will be the same for deleting bundles. In any case, if you know somewhere better to post this please let me know!!

If I select multiple objects (workstation devices) and attempt to delete them through the ZCC interface, not all get deleted.
I may wait 10 minutes or more whilst the loading bar slowly increases, but does not finish.
If I refresh the page to have a look, I may find that 10 out of 30 devices selected have been deleted.

I then attempt to repeat the process with the remaining devices, and the same issue happens - takes an age, but only 7 may be gone this time.
I have to repeat this process until all are deleted.

Servers are 10.3 for now.
We are running all on MS servers, with a MS 2005 SQL DB running on a different server.

I know that's limited info, but I just wanted to check if this is a known issue in 10.3 etc, or if someone had some generic experience with this issue.