We currently are running SMTP on port 25 in GWIA and I have no intention of changing that, for obvious reasons. However, one of the big residential network providers in the area (AT&T/Bellsouth) has a policy of blocking traffic to port 25 on their network to anything but their own server, at least for residential accounts. Due to some of what I'll call legacy issues, we have a good number of users who are just using POP3/IMAP and want to be able to check their mail from home.

What I'd really like to do is to make another SMTP port available, say 26, which would get around Bellsouth's block. (I know that should work; I also have Bellsouth at home and use port 26 with another domain provider that I use personally.) In the GWIA properties on GroupWise > Network Address, however, it looks like I can only set one SMTP port. In this case, it would even work if the second port required SSL, but while separate ports seem to be available for POP, IMAP and LDAP they aren't available for SMTP. I've been telling users to just use the GWWA we have set up, but some of the big shots in the company want to use browsers on tablets that don't like the GWWA, so it'd be really nice if I could just get them to work with SMTP even when they're at home and on Bellsouth.

Any suggestions for how I can get GWIA to listen for SMTP on two ports, 25 and some other port, whether or not that other port requires SSL or not? Is there some manual config file I can override the default ConsoleOne settings with? If there are any recommended tricks I'd love to hear 'em... thanks in advance!