Hi All

We have Bordermanager is a cluster config, one server does proxy and
the other does routing, if one fails the other takes over. For this we
have to config both servers for Proxy but we only load Bordermanager in
the Resource objects, so it is only loaded on 1 server at a time. So now
we want to add VPN to our Routing server, becuase it has a lot less load,
but everytime we load startvpn it auto-loads Proxy, which is what we don't
want. The real problem being with loading proxy is that it auto binds the
proxy IP Address thus causing a conflict, the Cluster seems to pick up a
problem as well and takes the poison pill to kill the server.

Sooo, the question is if it is possible to load VPN services without
loading the rest of Bordermanager? I am currently on 3.8 SP3 and the
server is 6.5sp3.