does anyone have experience with the VPNTracker VPN client for MacOS X?
Here are a couple of links, in case someone hasn't seen this product



The reason for posting this question is that I can connect to our BM3.8
VPN from a Windows client just fine. Once the VPN connection has been
established, I can log in to the tree and do anything I can do if I'm in
the office.

Using VPNTracker, I can establish a VPN tunnel to the BM3.8 server, but
I'm unable to go anywhere else from there. I can't ping any of the
private IP addresses in the office LAN.

Our IP addresses are as follows:

64.171.x.x public IP address of BM3.8 server private IP address of BM3.8 server IP address of VPN tunnel IP address from pool for VPN clients

I specified just the network as the network to connect to
once the tunnel has been established (as documented in the VPNTracker
config guide for Bordermanager). I have also tried specifying all three
of the private IP networks in the VPNTracker configuration.
I enabled and diabled NAT-Traversal in the VPNTracker configuration. No

Equinux support has been of no help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.