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Thread: What mobile device are you using? (Survey)

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    Question What mobile device are you using? (Survey)

    Hello everyone! I am an employee at Novell with the Quality Assurance Department.

    We are currently determining what new mobile devices we need to support, and which devices we will no longer officially support. In order to get a better feel for what our customers are using, we need you to tell us what device you are using, and what device you plan to use in an upgrade. Feel free to add in what phones your co-workers use, and give opinions on operating systems.

    Here is the list of devices we currently support (there are actually a few new ones we need to update.)

    Data Synchronizer Mobility Connector Devices - CoolSolutionsWiki

    We are also currently debating whether to discontinue testing on Palm OS, as well as some of the older windows mobile 6.5 phones. If you are a fan of these operating systems, please speak up! Thanks! If this could be stickied for a short period of time that would also be great.
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