I am trying to install Zenworks 11SP1a on a HP ML370 server with two Intel Xeon E5620 2.40GHz processors with 32GB of RAM with four 1TB hard drives configured for RAID 5.

After beginning the installation I receive the following warning:

"Invalid Processor
Novell recommends that ZENworks servers run on processors of at least 2000 MHz. Your processor is reporting a speed of 1600 MHz. This may lead to degraded performance in your ZENworks Management Zone."

I proceed with the installation in spite of the warning, and everything appears to install fine, with no errors reported, however, the post-installation hangs on "Checking System Status". After waiting for 30 minutes with no result, I manually close the ZENworks installation dialog box. I then attempt to load the ZENworks Control Center in the browser, but it never loads, doesn't produce an error, nothing, just hangs-like the "Checking System Status".

Could the hang up be related to the processor warning?