We have a few users who insist on using Word as their email editor in GroupWise. When the option to use Word is enabled, the GroupWise client will randomly crash when working with appointments in the calendar. When I turn off Word as the email editor, the GroupWise client does not crash.

The events logs on the workstation shows grpwise.exe crashing on a variety of DLLs when the problem happens. There's no rhyme or reason to which DLL is listed. Also when GroupWise crashes, WINWORD.EXE remains in memory and the workstation cannot be shutdown until the task is ended.

So far I've used GWCheck to ensure the user's DB is okay. Uninstalled and reinstalled GroupWise from the workstation and ran a repair installation of Office.

The GroupWise client is 8.02 HP3 and Office is version 2007 SP3.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for the help!!