I have a user whose incoming email was no longer going to his blackberry. I could not choose his Mailbox for synchronization in the BES. When I checked his GroupWise mailbox, his Mailbox folder was under this Frequent Contacts address book. We moved the folder back to the root right under Home. Nothing changed on the Blackberry though. Still cannot receive emails and BES still does not see or update the Folders the way the show up in GroupWise. So Mailbox redirection is still not present to check as a subscribed folder.

Now after wiping the Blackberry, removing his GW id from BES, readding his GW id to BES, and reactivating the Blackberry, BES still does not update the Folder view. Not sure what to do next. I am not sure is BES Support can help with this issue or Novell.

Has anyone ran into this before? Any advice on where the issue resides, BES or GroupWise? I also restarted the Post Office the User is on to see if that would kick-start the folder process on the Blackberry server. I was also going to restart the Blackberry Services tonight.

Any ideas....Thank you.