Hi There,

We have ZCM running on our server and I have problems with Wake Up On Lan. For a while now (some month's) it isn't possible to wake-up computers anymore. This wasn't a big problem. However at the begining of next year it would be nice that it works again so I tried to solve this. I looked and tried different things but nothing worked. However yesterdag I tried again and had the following result:

There where some problems in a classroom that has 20 computers. 3 computers didn't boot anymore because the boot partition from windows was corrupt. I selected al 20 computers and told zcm to apply a new image and told them to wake up. The 3 computers that where corruped went on and the new imaged was applied. The other 17 stayed off. How is this possible? Is windows doing something with it?
The workstations are running Windows 7 and Windows XP SP3.


Marcel de Jager