Hi everyone,

I have a little big problem with a ZW bundle.

Let me introduce what I want to do:
My target is to schedule the AntiVirus scan by night using a ZenWorks task, It will be very nice if the bundle sends Wake On-LAN command before execute the operations.

At the moment I create a "file bundle" and i specify a custom script (.bat) that execute the AV scan, write a log, and then TurnOff the machine.
When I schedule the distribution task i flag the Wake On-LAN check box, and the "Install after distribute" check box.

the result is this:
-Wake On-LAN works fine
-the distribution is in "pending" status
-installation doesn't start

If I force the Installation on the target machine, it starts and finish with the shutdown command.

When the next scheduled execution occour the result is:

-Wake On-LAN works fine
-distribution.. ??
-Installation doesn't start

have you any suggestions for me?