We are having an issue with forcing clients to pull ZCM 11 PXE information.

Our setup is this:

Netware 6.5 SP 7 is our DHCP server with Zenworks 7 installed, which we currently use for PXE imaging of XP workstations. We have a Linux ZCM 11 server which we'd like to take over for imaging since we now have Windows 7 machines. Both of these servers are on the same subnet.

What configuration changes need to be made on both sides in order for this setup to work? Currently, our XP PXE clients correctly receive an IP address and the Zenworks imaging Kernel from the Netware server. We'd like to keep the Netware box as our DHCP server, but hand off PXE duties to our ZCM server so we can PXE boot and image our Windows 7 machines.