I have a search issue, wonder if anyone could clarify where my thinking is
Since mass tort litigation is a part of the practice here, we have a
situation with our matter numbers getting rather large. To avoid
overlapping matter numbers between clients, our users have started adding a
client identifier to the number on new docs. e.g.-on the same matter, we
can have docs with both matter numbers of 6200 and 1.6200
If I search using 6200 as the filter, I would think all docs that "contain"
6200 in the matter number would be returned in the search. However, 1.6200
docs are not returned in that search (I tested this on GW7 previous to our
GW8 upgrade a few weeks ago and it worked, so the plan was approved).

Interestingly, if I search for "1." as the filter, I get ANY doc with 1.xxxx

period character a problem perhaps? Or any thought that a weekend re-index
would help? I think that would take forever, 4 libraries of which at least
2 are approaching 90,000 docs with many many pdf docs. Thanks.